VERSA5 2020 Summer Youth Dance!

We’re so excited to finally release our revised summer youth class schedule.¬†

Classes start Tuesday June 9, 2020 and run through the summer until Thursday August 20, 2020. Follow the link below to register. At this moment, the first week of classes will be provided via Zoom with the hope to host classes towards the end of June in-studio. All youth classes are limited to only 9 students to provide a smoother transition once we open our doors.

4:00pm BEG Jazz/Hip Hop (Grades 1+)
5:00pm INT/ADV Hip Hop (Grades 5+)
5:00pm BEG Tap (Grades 1+)
5:45pm KinderDance (Grades K-1)
6:00pm INT Jazz (Grades 5+)
6:45pm ADV Ballet (Grades 7+)
7:45pm ADV Contemporary (Grades 7+)

4:00pm BEG Ballet (Grades 1+)
5:00pm Musical Theater (Grades K+)
6:00pm INT Tap (Grades 5+)
6:45pm ADV Tap (Grades 7+)

4:30pm DiscoverDance 1 (Ages 3-4)
5:15pm DiscoverDance 2 (Ages 4-5)
5:00pm INT Ballet (Grades 5+)
6:00pm INT Contemporary (Grades 5+)
6:00pm BEG Jazz/Hip Hop (Grades 1+)
7:00pm INT/ADV Ballet (Grades 7+)
8:00pm ADV Jazz (Grades 7+)

Please feel free to email us at with any questions. We really look forward to seeing everyone soon!